In order to ease the development of a 3D enabled product, reduce time-to-market and serve its customers, Inuitive developed a set of references design modules. Each references design module servers and is optimized to the specific requirements of a market. The reference design modules are “production worthy” and can be white-labeled AS-IS.


M3.1M is an All-In Development platform allowing developers to quickly and easily start working.
It is a ready to go unit, comprising all required peripherals for a quick initialization.


M3.1T is a long range depth sensor reference design module. It serves as the tool of choice for “scene understanding” in surveillance and human tracking applications. Designed for 3D from stereo that is optimized for long range and additional color camera (optional). The M3.1T is the perfect choice for surveillance, digital signage, scanning, elderly care and many other applications.


M3.2 is the module for mobile devices. It is a ready-to-go reference design module that integrates 3D computer vision and image processing functions.
The highly power efficient M3.2, sized at a mere 70x15x5 mm, is the leading solution for implementing 3D sensing and computer vision into mobile devices. The M3.2 is designed to function as a self-contained, self-sufficient depth sensor module. It functions as an independent sub-system, generating fully processed depth information to its host.
The M3.2’s primary processing unit is Inuitive's multi-core NU3000 processor. In addition, the M3.2 includes several sensors. These sensors are controlled and timed by the NU3000. Data generated by the sensors (and processed in realtime by the NU3000) is used to generate 3D information.


Veronica is a reference design module, dedicated for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (HR) applications. It is a single module designed to address several key functionality required from the VR and AR platforms, including: SLAM, Gesture recognition / Finger tracking, Gaze tracking and 3D reconstruction. Veronica is still is design. It will be launched as a complete ready to go reference design unit by Q3 2016.