Inuitive realizes most customers are looking for a complete solution offering: a one stop shop that will address all customers’ needs.

As we are dealing with many disciplines, we recognize the need to work with partners to complete our offering.

We are actively looking for partners to enhance and improve its offering to customers. Specifically, we seek partners in the fields detailed herein:

ODM: to offer complete ready to go reference design modules, we need ODMs with proven track record in the field of electrical, mechanical and optical modules.

SLAM: Simultaneous Localization And Mapping solutions are a fundamental building block in VR and AR markets. We seek SLAM partners with good viable solutions, that can be applied to our chip.

Finger Tracking / Gesture recognition: in many cases, we are required to supposed gesture recognition or finger tracking as part of the complete solution. Here, again, we seek partners with proven solutions that can be applied to our reference design modules.

Gaze tracking: the need to track the user’s gaze vector is growing to be significant, especially in immersive use cases such as gaming and media consumption. We seek partners with well-established solutions that can be applied to our reference design modules.

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