Founded in 2012, Inuitive is a fabless semiconductor company. Our product NU3000 is a multi-core signal processor chip aimed to support 3D Image Processing and Computer Vision (CV) processing. NU3000 is the most advanced and optimized ASIC as of today in the market of 3D imaging and smart sensor HUB. The NU3000 aims to support new applications where 3D depth and computer vision is required. It can operate as a stand-alone device (Smart 3D sensor HUB) or be embedded into existing solutions as a co-processor for image processing and CV. Inuitive is first and the only one to offer a dedicated and complete 3D image processing and CV co-processor. Inuitive co-processor off-loads the main processor, thus reducing system response time, saving power and increasing performance.

NU3000 is optimized for mobile applications and markets, including: Virtual Reality Head Mount Displays, Augmented Reality glasses, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

We offer complete reference design modules, demonstrating how to best utilize the features of NU3000 in various use cases and scenarios.

Our team is comprised of experienced veterans. Our goal is to embed our technology into consumer electronics mobile devices. We are here, to improve the way machines see the world!


Shlomo Gadot (BSc EE, MBA)
Co - Founder & CEO

a successful serial entrepreneur with 32 years of System-on-Chip experience. Shlomo founded and was the CEO of Percello (fabless Cellular UMTS small cell SoC company, acquired by Broadcom for $88M in 2010). Prior to Percello, Shlomo founded and was Co-CEO of ModemART (a fabless cellular 3G SoC baseband processor company, acquired by Agere for $145M in 2005).

Shlomo acquired his first successful commercial SoC development when he was MTS at AT&T Bell Labs (Middletown, NJ). He later was a key member of the core team of Globespan (Nasdaq: GSPN) that spun off from AT&T Bell Labs to commercialize DSL SoC technology that he had previously pioneered at Bell Labs.

Dor Zepeniuk (BSc EE, MBA)
Co - Founder & VP R&D

a 17 year veteran of the Israeli High-Tech industry. Prior to Inuitive, he served as a Program Management Director at PrimeSense – the leading gaming NUI technology provider to Microsoft Kinect. Prior to PrimeSense, Dor served in Business Development and R&D management positions at Alvarion (NASDAQ - ALVR) and as a Program Manager and System Design Manager at INTEL cellular division he was responsible for several 3G SoC projects.

Gur Dror (BScEE)
VP Business Development

Previously, Mr. Dror served as Product Line Head for Applied Materials specializing on marketing wafer inspection equipment to major Silicon foundries. Prior to that, he held executive positions for 3D companies and wireless communications companies. Mr. Dror started his carrier at TI as part of the Butterfly VLSI acquisition, where he held business positions in Korea and in Israel. Mr. Dror holds a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.

Itzhac (Izik) Benbennisti
VP operations

Benbenisti Itzhac Joined Inuitive in March 2014 as VP Operations. Over 15 years of vast experience in Hitech Companies; PrimeSense as COO, 10 years in Nice Systems where he held various executive management positions; Corporate Director of Engineering, Corporate VP Engineering and Logistics. His last positions was Corporate VP, Global Operations. Itzhac holds an MBA and BSc E.E Degrees from Ben-Gurion University.



The "7 Main" family office, owned by Ruth Wertheimer, has provided financial backing to Inuitive. It has been the largest investor (– the Lead Investor of Round A). T-Ventures, the investment arm of T Mobile, was the Lead of Series B.


Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments, DTSI, (ex T-Venture), the investment arm of Deutsche Telekom, is the second investor of Inuitive. DTSI joined Inuitive as part of investment round B. DTSI brings strategic depth, market insight and relationships that are of great value to Inuitive.


3 Hatid’har Street, Ra’anana
Phone: (+) 972 73 7968 200

Ohad Shvueli
Phone (+) 1 510 299 8633

Contact: info@inuitive-tech.com